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Additional Services Provided:

In addition to washing and grooming services, All Terrier Pet Services can also offer a mobile pet shop services for the following products:

  • Dog Food products

  • Pet Toys

  • Pet Clothing

  • Brushes

  • Worming and flea treatments

    Please place your order when booking your wash or groom and the products will be delivered at the same time.  A minimum 48 hours notice is required for these orders.

    All Terrier Pet Services no longer offers walking and minding services as part of our business. There is a Melbourne based business who uses a similar name to All Terrier Pet Services name and this often causes confusion as to who is offering what service.

    All Terrier Pet Services is however happy and confident to refer all pet minding and dog walking enquiries to one of Melbourne's reputable and professional business - Dogs & Doos Pet Leisure Services, which is run by husband and wife team, Ahmad and Samia.

    As the name suggests, Dogs & Doos specialises in providing care for dogs but will happily love and care for all species in the animal kingdom. Dods & Doos is a Pet Leisure service, as it ensures your pet will continue to enjoy life's pleasures while you're away. Whether your pet's greatest enjoyment is to have a full belly, a walk, a back scratch, to fetch a ball a cuddle, a chat, some sunshone or simply a friend to be with, Samia and Ahmed will delight in meeting all these needs.

    For all your pet walking and minding enquiries please contact Samia on 0422 065 553 or have a look at thier website. You won't be disappointed!


Please click here to be redirected to the Dogs and Doos Pet Leisure Services website



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