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All Terrier Pet Services Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice does All Terrier Pet Services need to wash my dog?

Like any service orientated business we have some peak times and some quiet times.  Please contact us and we shall fit you in as soon as we can at a time convenient to you.

How much will it cost to wash my dog?

As you know dogs come in all shapes and sizes so the cost for the washing and grooming can vary.  For a realistic estimate please contact us on 03 9529 2771.

I require some pet food and flea treatment, how do I go about ordering this?

Please call Lisa on 03 9529 2771 or send an email to info@allterrierpetservices.com.au at least 2 days before your scheduled washing and grooming appointment and the food will be dropped off at the same time.

What services are included in a dog wash?

  • Brushing

  • Washing

  • Ear & Eye clean

  • Nail clipping

  • Blow Dry

  • Deodorising

  • Doggy Treat

Do I get anything for referring my friends or colleagues?

For every referral that you provide All Terrier Pet Services will provide you a credit voucher which can be used for future services.  The more customers you refer the more you can save. 

How do I contact you?

Please see the contact us page on this website for all the details

How does All Terrier Pet Services take care of the environment?

When selecting the hydrobath for this business particular care was taken to ensure that it met strict water efficiency guidelines.    It has been estimated that washing a dog at home can use around 80 to 100 litres of water per wash.  Due to our drought conditions Australia has advanced immensely in the last few years when it comes to these baths and how they are utilised and constructed and the bath that has been selected by All Terrier Pet Services uses approximately 10 litres for small dogs and up to 20 litres for larger dogs.

Wherever possible, All Terrier Pet Services will use tank water and recycle the water back on the customers gardens.  Organic and natural products are utilised which are environmentally friendly and will not cause any damage to gardens or lawns.

My suburb isn’t listed in your areas serviced, will you still wash my dog?

Please contact us to discuss further.  Should your suburb be close to those listed or if you have a number of customers in your area we shall definitely work something out.

I am going away for a week and need my two cats fed, are you able to assist?

Yes, All Terrier Pet Services has teamed with Jeff Richards from All Terrier Motives to provide quality, personalised pet and home care services for your pets to keep them happy and contented during their owners’ absence.   Please contact Jeff to discuss your requirements further.

In addition to grooming services, can you walk my dog?

Yes, we can also provide this service.


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