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Dog Wash services:

  • Dogs are washed in state of the art Mercedes van

  • Van design has been fully customised to ensure a minimal impact on both your dog and the environment

  • Washing appointments are scheduled at a time convenient to you

  • Dogs washed in warm water hydrobath with fresh clean water provided from a separately sealed tank

  • All the products used are biodegradable and safe

  • Hydrobath uses only 10 - 20 litres per dog wash (depends on the size of the dog)

  • The hydrobath has been designed to meet the current Queensland water restrictions which are level 6

  • Water can be recycled back into clients garden

  • No harsh chemicals in shampoos, conditioners or any other treatments - all bio-degradable

  • Full blow dry with a variable speed professional dryer

  • Flea and worm treatments, nail clipping, deodorising and other services are also provided wherever required

  • Dogs are deodorised using natural aromatherapy products

  • A scrumptious treat for your dog with every visit which tastes great and cleans teeth.

    Additional information on All Terrier Pet Services Hydrobath

    The hydrobath is a product which is used to wash dogs and provides an effective, enjoyable and stress-free wash in comfort.  Australia has advanced immensely in the last few years when it comes to these baths and how they are utilised and constructed.  All Terrier Pet Services has selected a bath which utilises the latest technology available for minimising water usage and recycling wherever possible .  The most important aspect in any wash process is the ability to rinse and the hydrobath which All Terrier Pet Services uses is fitted with two separately sealed tanks ensuring the clean water is not contaminated with the wash tank water. 

    The dogs are washed using a spray shower head which provides a gentle spray which penetrates the dogs coat and skin for a through clean.  The water from the bath is collected and can be recycled back into the customers gardens if possible.  Every dog is bathed in warm fresh water which removes the risk of cross infection and after every wash the hydrobath is disinfected.


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