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All Terrier Pet Services

Dog Grooming:

All Terrier Pet Services offers a professional and caring dog grooming service conducted by a fully trained professional.  All types of breeds and temperaments are catered for and no sedation is used.  The services offered are:

  • Dog seasonal maintenance clipping and grooming

  • Dog grooming for all breeds and styles

  • Your appointment will be at a time convenient to you

  • The dogs are groomed in a state-of-the-art Mercedes van which has been specifically designed to cater for Melbournes water restrictions

  • All Terrier Pet Services will not dematt or sedate any pets

  • Petsí needs are always placed first and all grooming is conducted in a humane and safe manner

  • Pets with extra long, matted, very dirty ingrown nails or flea infested coats may be charged extra


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